Kelly Rowland Accidentally Reveals Sex of Baby!

kelly rowland pregnant baby boyUgh OH! So much for keeping a secret!

Kelly Rowland accidentally revealed to the world that she is having a baby boy with husband/manager Tim Witherspoon during an interview with Fox 411 on Wednesday for a Caress event.

“We’re very excited,” the 33-year-old mom to be said. “So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already [spoiled] rotten — like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys. It’s just so cool.”

That’s when it hit the former Destiny’s Child star; she had dropped the bomb on the sex of her unborn child. Realizing her mistake, Rowland sighed and laughed off the whole ordeal, admitting that she is in fact having a boy.

“It, it’s…aw, f–k it! It’s a boy. It’s a boy!” Rowland exclaimed.

After the news was revealed, Kelly then informed her rep to contact her husband about her mishap. “Can you please tell him that I spilled the beans?” she laughed.

Based on Kelly’s previous posts on Instagram, the Caress spokeswoman may have already revealed the baby’s gender before.

According to Us Weekly, Rowland posted a picture on Jun 10 of a pair of tiny Jordan sneakers next to larger ones. It was captioned with: “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy.”

When Rowland’s baby boy isn’t imitating his daddy’s fashion sense, then he just may be following his mommy’s musical path.  Kelly revealed to Fox411 that her son is already interested in music and may just be born with musical talents of his own.

According to the former singer, her son responds when her music is played, moving around and enjoying the beat, especially hip-hop. “When you play music, period,” that’s when he really starts responding, “but really to hip-hop right now!” she exclaimed.

Throughout the Caress event the soon to be mommy couldn’t help but gush about her pregnancy, “I’m looking at my body in its entirety right now, and I almost cry. I could almost cry right now just thinking about it because it’s such a gift! It’s such an amazing gift,” she told Us Weekly.

Although Kelly may have a hard time keeping a secret, we can already tell that she will be one great mommy!



  1. Need Culture

    August 1, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    I’m soo happy for Kelly – she’s been a beautiful bride!

  2. ToniPayne Pop Culture Updates

    August 1, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    happy for her cos thats what she wanted..

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