‘Beyonce Is Coming’… to The VMAs 2014!

‘Beyonce Is Coming’… to The VMAs 2014!


beyonce is coming vma 2014

Beyonce is coming to the Video Music Awards this year, her first appearance since 2011.

Some of you may remember that famous performance of ‘Love on Top’ that the singer did three years ago at the MTV show where she announced her pregnancy to Blue Ivy, causing Twitter to crash.

Well, it looks like Bey is trying to do it all over again. But this time it may not be to reveal another pregnancy — unless she’s hiding something from us.

Instead, fans are expecting for Beyonce to perform a medley with her on-stage husband, Jay-Z. We say “on-stage” because reports have stated that the couple are no longer an item following Jay’s alleged cheating affairs with really disgusting women who proclaim themselves to be “models” — click here for an example.

Should the rumours be true that Jay has been sleeping with these ratchet girls, one side of me will be somewhat surprised seeing that he has such a stunning wife, and the other saw this coming.

But nevertheless, it’s more than likely that Bey and Jay will perform together in hopes to silence the rumours Jay has been cheating on her and that they are supposedly planning to file for a divorce following their European leg of the ‘On the Run’ tour.

MTV confirmed Beyonce’s appearance today with a short trailer (so overdramatic) followed by dozens of posters that state ‘Beyonce Is Coming’. Producers obviously know that Queen Bey is a hot topic right now, especially with the cheating drama and the new remixed song she released with Nicki Minaj. Beyonce is poppin’.

I’m stoked to see what she has to offer — unless she’s planning to do something similar to her Grammys performance, then I’ll just change the channel. #Lipsync



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