Kim Kardashian Hints at Second Pregnancy?

Kim Kardashian Hints at Second Pregnancy?

kim kardashian pregnant second baby

kim kardashian pregnant second baby

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant with baby number two.

Well, words of what she recently said in an interview are making it seem like the reality star and her hubby, Kanye West, are definitely trying to make it happen.

Having birthed North West in L.A last year, and now with the news that Kourtney is expecting her third child later this year, the babies keep on coming in the Kardashian household, so when asked on what fans can expect from forthcoming episodes, Kim had something to say.

“[Kourtney Kardashian] is like more than half way in, so you know, we’re trying. There’s a lot of craziness in the house, so why not add pregnancy hormones to the craziness?”

While Kim may have solely referred to her sister Kourtney when talking about pregnancy hormones, a lot of people are looking it as her way of making it known that she may soon join her eldest sibling on the journey of pregnancy.

The 33-year-old gushed about wanting to have another baby for North in the near future earlier this year because she worries that her daughter will “feel alone” if she was to be an only child.

Huh? Can’t she just play with Kourntey’s kids? Well, I do understand where she’s coming from and I’m certain that there’ll be another baby coming in the next few months, and this time it’ll be Kim’s turn again.

While I’m certain that Kim will be pregnant by the end of the year, is Khloe ever going to pop a baby of her own or is she still in her ‘dating d-list rappers’ mindset?



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