Told You So! Ciara Splits From Future — Singer Caught Him Cheating!

Told You So! Ciara Splits From Future — Singer Caught Him Cheating!

ciara future break up split

ciara future break up split

Ciara’s goodies weren’t good enough for Future because – as we all expected – the famous auto-tune rapper cheated on his fiancee, instantly causing him to lose his woman, their newborn baby, Future Jr., and whatever future they had planned. No pun intended. Haha.

Credible sources for UsWeekly reveal that the couple have split — it was more so from Ciara’s end because she found out Future had slept with another woman.

Note that we were one of the first people to break the story that Ciara was having trust issues with her man who she knew was seeing another woman — who we also personally spoke with!

Whatever the case may have been with that situation, it’s now said that Ciara is taking the baby and is moving away. CiCi, of course you’re taking the baby. You think a man with four other kids who don’t live with him will make the exception with yours.

I feel for Ciara though because she’s a sweetheart, but word around town has been that she’s very clingy onto her men. Chelsea Handler famously said that the ‘Body Party’ singer was the cause of her break-up from 50 Cent because she’d constantly phone him… months after their split.

So for all we know Future and Ciara could get back together. Whatever the case, all we know now is that Future and Ciara are living apart. If you were to believe our credible story that Future cheated along with several other blogs, you’d know that Future wasn’t just sleeping with one woman, it was quite a few.

Ciara, let go and let god.

But with the music not selling like it used to, how will Ciara cope as a single mother. Especially since this is her first chile?

Ciara has become an example of what NOT to do when you’re dealing with a promiscuous man. Didn’t they say he had something going on with Rihanna too a month ago?



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