Robin Williams’ Last Words, Suicide Notes Emerge, Claims inTouch Weekly

Robin Williams’ Last Words, Suicide Notes Emerge, Claims inTouch Weekly

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robin williams intouchTrust inTouch to be the most desperate tabloid out there.

The sleazy workers over at inTouch have published their latest issue with Robin Williams on the cover, writing ‘Inside His Final Hours,’ where the mag goes on to claim the actor left suicide notes behind among other things.

This, of course, are all lies. 

Upon his death, it was confirmed by the LAPD that no notes were left behind, making the passing so much more painful. Which makes it odd for the fact that inTouch is writing nonsense, as usual, but now it’s becoming really distasteful.

Stick to estimating Jennifer Aniston’s 500th pregnancy.

What’s most disturbing about the entire piece in the story is that inTouch goes on to allege that their so-called sources know what Robin’s last words were, despite the fact that Robin hadn’t been seen by anyone for quite some time. At least not to the point where he’d have many people around him.

“I just can’t take it anymore — the pain is too much,’” the magazine alleges were the last words from Robin Williams before adding that his last days before his death were his most painful, having supposedly not seen a way out of his severe depression.

“He’d relapsed and couldn’t live with himself. He’s believed to have left a number of suicide notes, saying how he couldn’t take the pain of life, how he felt he had lost the ability to be funny to a younger generation and how sorry he was to all the people he loved.”



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