David Arquette Looking to Purchase The Famous Crazy Girls Strip Club

David Arquette Looking to Purchase The Famous Crazy Girls Strip Club


david arquetteThis just in, David Arquette reportedly is on the lookout to buying the country’s most famous strip club, Crazy Girls.

The club, which is located on Sunset Blvd, however is not going to give it up that easily.

According to reports, the owners are going to give Arquette a run for his money.

Sources have indicated that Arquette and his partners have offered $1.6 million dollars for the famous strip club. Although many of us would agree that’s a fair price, the current owners are not having it, asking for $1.7 million instead.

We are pretty sure the actor will come up with the requested amount, due to his desires to put his own spin on the club.

The 42-year-old business man is hoping to turn the renowned club into something more sophisticated, something that will bring in the big spenders and the famous.

Apparently Arquette’s idea of an old Hollywood/burlesque theme should do the trick, transforming the strip club into something that only the rich can afford.

We have to admit, Arquette may be on to something here; the man does know his business and the ins and outs of the Hollywood lifestyle.

The ex-husband of Courtney Cox reportedly owns Bootsy Bellows and Hooray Henry’s which according to TMZ are “Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs.”

It won’t be long till we get reports of our beloved celebrities making an appearance.

Until then, we wait.



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