Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Divorce: Halle Unhappy with ‘Lazy’ Husband!

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Divorce: Halle Unhappy with ‘Lazy’ Husband!

halle berry olivier martinez divorce

halle berry olivier martinez divorceHalle Berry is regretting marrying Olivier Martinez.

According to OK! magazine, Olivier has been nothing but lazy ever since the couple married. Berry has argued with friends, telling them that before she married Martinez he was very ambitious and wanted to get out there and work, but now it’s the complete opposite.

Having had guest appearances on ‘Revenge’ earlier this year, Olivier hasn’t looked for any further roles he could possibly pursue. Instead, he’s been sitting at home, waiting for Halle to return from work and bring in the money by herself.

Halle is pissed about this, and rightfully so. According to sources, Olivier hasn’t even bothered showing up to the set of ‘Extant’ where the X-Men starlet is currently held up as she shoots scenes for the CBS sci-fi show.

Olivier’s work “slump has also produced an unfortunate side effect: a potbelly and unkempt facial hair have taken the place of his once smoldering good looks. The spark they once had has burned out.”

According to the magazine, it’s only a matter of time before Halle makes it known she’ll be spitting from Olivier, followed by a divorce. She’s still trying to hold on to the marriage, but it’s not working. The laziness, the rudeness and the disrespect is driving Halle insane.

“Things have gotten “so tense… [they] barely talk. They’re just delaying the inevitable — announcing their split.”



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