Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ Music Video Branded Racist by Odd Future’s...

Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ Music Video Branded Racist by Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt

taylor swift racist twerk

taylor swift racist twerk

Shut the front door — who would’ve thought Taylor Swift is a racist? Well, that’s what Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt is going around, telling his followers on Twitter. 

The outrage from the aspiring rapper came after Taylor unveiled her new video ‘Shake it Off’ last night. It’s the debut single off of her new album which drops in October, and while Taylor received a rather positive reaction from people, Earl wasn’t happy.

“Haven’t watched the taylor swift video and I don’t need to watch it to tell you that it’s inherently offensive and ultimately harmful.”

His statement is already invalid. By not even having watched the video, he already assumes the worst — how do you make a judgement of something without looking at the situation first? But that wasn’t all, because Earl would go on to say that black stereotypes are becoming more and more common.

“Perpetuating black stereotypes to the same demographic of white girls who hide their prejudice by proclaiming their love of the culture. For instance, those of you who are afraid of black people but love that in 2014 it’s ok for you to be trill or twerk or say n*gga.”

In other words, Earl is mad that Taylor used black women in her music video for the twerking scene  which the singer tries to join in on. Note that the women in the video that are in this particular scene are of all colours — not just black.

So there ya have it. There’s really nothing to it. Earl hasn’t seen the video and jumped to a conclusion before even seeing it. But, I’m interested in hearing what y’all thought of it. Did you find it “racist” in any way?



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