Drake and Rihanna Attend New York Nightclub Together — Reportedly Dating Again

Drake and Rihanna Attend New York Nightclub Together — Reportedly Dating Again

drake rihanna dating again

drake rihanna dating againLooks like Drake can’t keep his hands away from Rihanna for too long. The on again off again couple were spotted on Monday night, partying and flirting the night away at the Griffin nightclub in New York.

According to Hollywood Take, Drake and his ex-girlfriend were seen seated next to one another, “whispering and flirting with each other” all night long.

Both artists reportedly left the Latin-themed fiesta just 10 minutes apart, making many to assume that the duo are in fact back on.

This may come to a surprise especially since Drake publicly came out bashing the singer during his performance at Toronto’s OVO Festival.

Based on numerous photos and videos, Drake allegedly associated Rihanna’s pictures with the numbers “666” during the performance of his song, Days In The East.

The numbers’ connection with the “Umbrella” artist led many to thus speculate that Drake was calling Rihanna the devil.

If that’s the case, maybe Rihanna put a spell on the “Started From the Bottom” rapper?

The real issue, as Hollywood Take indicated, is whether or not Drake and Chris Brown’s recent bromance will come to an end if rumors of the Drake and Rihanna hookup are indeed true.

Both Drake and Chris Brown, who as well happened to date Rihanna, publicly came out on social media as acquaintances.

Both rappers appeared to be doing a collaboration with one another in the studio, putting the rumored feud to an end. If that wasn’t all, Chris Brown was set to perform with Drake in Toronto, doing a collaboration with the song Days In The East.

Sadly, the anticipation for the performance did not occur due to Brown being prohibited from entering Canadian borders on account of his criminal background.

The one question we have is whether it will be Team Drake and Rhi Rhi or Team Drake and Chris Brown?

Guess the only thing we can do for now is wait and see.



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