Angelina Jolie’s Wedding: Father, Jon Voight, Wasn’t Invited Due To Ongoing Rift

jon voight angelina jolie wedding

Jon Voight was NOT invited to his daughter’s wedding last weekend to Brad Pitt because she’s reportedly still on bad terms with him.

As news came out today stating that Angelina Jolie had married Brad, Jon was quick to confirm that he was never invited to the wedding, but assured the world that even if he had been invited, he wouldn’t have gone due to the Emmys.

Haha — so he’d rather go to the Emmys than his daughter’s wedding?

Well, let’s get one thing out of the way. Jon and Angelina have had a rocky relationship for the past decade or so. Jolie was left fuming when her dad told the media back in the day that his break-up to Angelina’s mom caused Angie’s craziness and mental problems.

If you’re familiar with the situation you’d know that the actress started experimenting with drugs and started to appear skinnier and skinner whenever she was publicly seen. Clearly she was battling some kind of issues, and Jon pretty much called her out on it.

To this day, Angie hasn’t been able to forgive her father despite the fact that the two hooked up in 2010 to try and mend things — clearly that didn’t go too well.

We hear that Brad Pitt’s family was invited. And when we say his family, we’re talking about everyone from cousins to parents and grandparents. Meanwhile, Angie reportedly only had a few pals show up with a handful of family relatives.

Angelina is a smart woman. She clearly had valid reasons why she didn’t want her father to be there. It just confirms that they’re not close. Once a father goes against your trust in such a horrific way, you’ll find it hard to forgive him and Angie is the prime example of that.

I don’t blame her at all.

Written by Merema Leures

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