Will Daniel Radcliffe Star In the Next Marvel Movie?

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Is Harry Potter set to star in the next Marvel movie?!

Well maybe…

During his attendance to San Diego’s Comic Con event, actor Daniel Radcliffe reportedly met up with Marvel Studios.

Radcliffe opened up about his meeting with the powerhouse, but left out any details regarding his signing on to the Marvel franchise during his BBC interview with Edith Bowman.

“I went as Spider-Man this year. Which is half childish wish fulfillment to actually be Spider-Man and half that’s the only way that I could have walked around the floor at Comic-Con,” Radcliffe stated.

The actor continued, dishing out about his recent meeting with Marvel.

“I actually talked to some of the guys from Marvel not long ago, and they were saying, ‘We’re just going to wait for somebody at Comic-Con to build an actual Iron Man suit, and then we’re just going to buy it and use it for the film.’ Like they can’t wait for that to happen.”

Unfortunately for many fans, Radcliffe left out any involvement with the film.

That didn’t stop people from speculating, however.

The Internet exploded with rumors, speculating that the Harry Potter star might be playing as Doctor Strange in the next Marvel film.

This isn’t so far fetched considering that the actor does have some physical similarities with the character. Both have the dark hair and blue-eyed look going for them and both share a comparable stature. The only thing left to do is to give Radcliffe a stunning goatee.

According to Inquisiter the film, which is set to be directed by Scott Derrickson, may as well be considering Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, and Josh Hamm for the role of Doctor Strange.

While details of the upcoming film are still murky, it hasn’t stopped people from hoping that Harry Potter will get to join the forces of the Avengers.

Written by Merema Leures

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