French Montana Hires Kris Jenner as His Manager!

French Montana Hires Kris Jenner as His Manager!


kris jenner french montana manager

When Kris Jenner isn’t making ridiculous cheques from her daughters, she’s busy trying to figure out how she can make even more. Well, the answer has finally come — becoming French Montana’s manager.

According to Life & Style, Kris is now officially French Montana’s manager, handling all of his business deals including his Ciroc endorsement, his touring, music video shoots, reality show deals and all that other nonsense.

Kris is charging her usual 10% with French, and she’s certain she can make a dime off of French now that he’s involved in her family’s life. Y’all already know he’s dating Khloe now. So the whole plan comes full circle when you look at how much attention the Kardashians get.

Jenner “is planning on helping French with his management, the same as she did with Lamar Odom. He’s excited about it and is looking forward to working with her,” the source says. “Kris really likes French and is happy to help out.”

Of course the mediocre rapper has already proclaimed that the only reason he’s with Khloe is for the fame and whatever else he can get out of it, but that doesn’t seem to bother Khloe nor her mother because they’re getting the same thing out of it too.

As messy as this is, Kris is all about her business. Knowing that French is signed to her reality show and is reportedly making a lot of money from it, plus his forthcoming tour and upcoming release of his studio album, she’ll be a busy woman but the money will be rolling in like crazy!

I do ask myself why one woman needs so much money. According to Forbes, Kris signed a $40 million with E! two years ago to carry on showing her life on her reality show along with her family. The deal ends next year and is likely to be renewed for another two years — and it’s believed that E! will up their price too seeing that ratings continue to remain solid.

Kris, you better get that money guuuuuurrl! But if she’s his manager, does that mean she’ll manage to find time for French to start seeing his son again, because the streets have been talking and they’re saying he hasn’t seen his son since he got with Khloe.



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