Britney Spears Responds to Gay Teen’s Letter, Thanking Her for ‘Coming Out’ Support

britney spears 2014Now that’s what you call a sweetheart!

Britney Spears took the Internet by a storm after reports came out describing the singer’s kind gesture towards one die-hard fan.

According to numerous sources, the “Piece Of Me” singer took time out her busy schedule to write a letter to a fan after receiving a hand written note from the gay teen, David LeCours.

David, who met Spears during one of her Meet and Greets in Las Vegas, had the opportunity to have a heartfelt conversation with the legendary celebrity, giving her a wonderful letter describing how her music saved his life.

As stated within the young teen’s Instagram account, David gives a detailed description of the letter given to Spears and her reaction towards it.

“The letter explained how she helped me get through a real tough period in my life these past couple of months, and how I wanted to end it all but she made me be strong,” David posted.

“As I was leaving the building where meet and greet was held, Britney’s body guard ran and stopped me and said Britney requested my address so she could respond because my letter meant so much to her. Thank you for everything Britney. I wouldn’t be able to be so confident and open about my sexuality if your music and you didn’t help me.”

Talk about awesome!

Like a true southern gal the “Toxic” singer kept her word, writing a beautiful letter to David in response to his note.

The letter, which was as well posted on Instagram stated:

“Dear David,

I was so happy to receive your letter. I was very happy to hear about how courageous you’ve been about being openly gay. I’ve always been told as long as you know in your heart that’s what matter most. I try to follow my heart and dreams every day of my life and I think that’s why I am where I am today. It means so much to me to have a fan like you who takes the time to sit and write me such a touching letter. Your letter was both touching and sincere. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and hope you keep smiling.

Shine Bright Always,

Britney Spears”

In response to Spears’ sincere and uplifting message, David thanked the lovable star on Instagram for her kind words.

“I honestly have no words at all. I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to write me back and being such an amazing inspiration to me. You mean more than anything to me and it means more than you know for responding to me.”

Now that’s what you call a true celebrity.

A round of applause for you Ms. Spears.

Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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