Kim Kardashian Left Fuming as Reggie Bush’s Former Mistress Attends Kanye West’s Concert

carmen ortega kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian caused a scene backstage at the Made in America Festival over the weekend after running into the woman that ended her romance to Reggie Bush.

Carmen Ortega, the same woman who was rumored to have slept with Jason Derulo while the singer was freshly dating Jordin Sparks, attended the music festival that Kanye was headlining. Carmen was there to support a pal of hers who was DJing on stage.

Ortega was granted VIP tickets for the show, but would later find out that Kim Kardashian would be there too. A source explained that as soon as the two saw each other, Kim immediately rushed to security where she demanded them to throw Carmen out.

“Carmen was just enjoying a quiet night out with a few friends and was having a really good time, supporting her good friend DJ R3HAB,” the insider told RadarOnline.

“Kim didn’t even have the guts to come up to her in the VIP area, she just took one look at her and called her a ‘wh*re’ and demanded that security eject her. She rightly or wrongly reckoned she had a say on who should be allowed to enter as her husband was the headline act.”

Kim, 33, has “always been jealous of Carmen” ever since she managed to snag Reggie from Kim when they were in a serious relationship. Though Kim wasn’t so innocent either since she cheated on Reggie with Kanye West back in 08-09. And this is fact.

Written by Merema Leures

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