Michael Sam Signs With Dallas Cowboys Following St Louis Rams Axe

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michael sam droppedMichael Sam may have been dropped from the St. Louis Rams, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding a new team who are hopeful when it comes to America’s first openly gay NFL player.

Sources say that Michael is in the late stages of signing a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys, meaning that he’ll be put on their practice squad, giving trainers and mentors enough time to figure out whether or not Sam is right for their team. Or better yet, whether he has what it takes to join their team.

St. Louis Rams decided to ditch Michael – along with dozens of others – because they supposedly “weren’t good enough” to be placed on the team just yet, a source indicated at the time.

Michael was said to have been devastated after he learned his axe from the team, but is holding his head high, especially now that he has a new offer in the works. An insider for Michael Sam says that he’s working twice as hard as he did before to finally make the cut for a team.

The St. Louis Rams have denied reports that Michael was cut because his team players were uncomfortable with Sam being in the same locker room as them — in fact, it’s believed that Michael would wait until every player was out of the locker room before he would change his clothing.

He’s definitely got the right attitude (by keeping others in mind), but if he can translate his good attitude with good skills on the field, there’s no doubt he can make the cut this time around.

Written by Merema Leures

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