Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change: Obsessed with Spanx, Grows Out His Hair

Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change: Obsessed with Spanx, Grows Out His Hair

bruce jenner sex change

bruce jenner sex changeBruce Jenner’s sex change claims are emerging again.

According to new reports, Bruce is showing strong signs that he’s still planning to undergo his infamous alleged procedure to become a woman, having supposedly put those plans on hold earlier this year in respect for Kim Kardashian who begged Bruce to wait until after her wedding to become a woman.

According to CDL, Bruce is suffering with self-esteem issues again, he constantly sees things in himself that he wants to change.

First, it started with the Adam’s apple, then it was his hair restoration (transplant) and it’s only a matter of time before he’ll make the big move that’ll officially make him a woman. Getting rid of the donkey (if you know what I mean).

Sources for the Kardashian family reveal that Bruce has been acting weird ever since he split from Kris Jenner last year. He’s showing strong signs that he’s unhappy with himself and prefers doing the feminine things, which include getting hair highlights, the usual cosmetic surgery and — wait for it — wearing spanx!

Bruce, who now lives in Malibu, is “obsessed” with spanx. He feels it makes him look skinnier — a look he is now aiming for after having found “excess fat around his stomach,” the source revealed.

The spanx help Bruce keep every tight and tidy, but wouldn’t you just want to work out instead of putting those pants on? Family members are becoming worried for Jenner who spends most of his time by himself in his newly-purchased home out in Malibu.

Can you imagine visiting your father and he’s getting highlights put in his hair whilst wearing spanx. I can definitely see why the Kardashians would be worried — it just seems like Bruce isn’t ready to make the full transition just yet. He’s slowly but surely hinting at it, don’t you think?

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