Angelina Jolie Banned Jon Voight From Wedding Over Decade-long Grudge, Says Family Pal

angelina jolie jon voight feud wedding

angelina jolie jon voight feud weddingReasons as to why Angelina Jolie did not invite her biological father, Jon Voight, to her own wedding have emerged, and they might surprise you.

I use the word “biological” in the sentence above because you’d think that a lovely woman like Angelina would want to have her only parent attend such an important event — a once in a lifetime event (if she was to stay married to Brad Pitt until “death do us part”).

Angie has had a cold relationship with her father since her early twenties. She supposedly witnessed some things that were unforgivable — these things were reportedly aimed at Angie’s deceased mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who Jon treated like she was worthless.

Throughout the couple’s marriage, Jon would allegedly make it known that he was the person of power in the relationship. He found it very easy to manipulate his former wife, but according to Bertrand’s former pal, Cis Rundle, Marcheline would always forgive Jon for his sickening behaviour.

Cis was a close friend to Marcheline all the way to her death in 2007 when she had lost her battle to ovarian and breast cancer. Cis was even hired to become the family’s full-time caretaker back in the 70s, so she definitely witnessed a lot of things that went on throughout the years.

Speaking on why she thinks Angie did not allow her father to attend her wedding, she says: “She didn’t trust it. He would have found a way for it to be about him. They may never get over the rift between them. It’s not that complicated. She just knows who he is and she doesn’t trust him.”

marcheline bertrant angelina jolie throwback

“I understand the turmoil because I saw it. I know the actually hardcore truth about Jon. I love Jon, but he was horrible… He had a very twisted side, but he can’t own it,” she continued.

“Marcheline, no matter what darkness he had, she would forgive him. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body . She could forgive. But he really put Marcheline through a lot.”

Cis even revealed that Marcheline knew Angelina didn’t like her father. The two had a rocky bond. Especially after Jon made outrageous claims that Angie needed therapy for her mental disorder she was said to have been suffering from, causing a media frenzy at the time.

“Angie cast him as her father  in Tomb Raider. She had the power to do that. And it resurrected his career. Marcheline wanted her to do it,” as a peace offering, but to this day, Angelina finds it hard in herself to make up with her father who misused her trust and treated her mother so badly.

“I think they are okay today. I think they’re okay as they ever will be,” Cis concluded.

Written by Merema Leures

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