Kris Jenner Urging Scott Disick For Rehab Treatment — In Denial He’s An Alcoholic

kris jenner scott disick rehab

kris jenner scott disick rehabKourtney Kardashian has become so frustrated with Scott Disick’s alcohol problem, Kris Jenner has intervened, demanding her daughter’s baby daddy to seek help in rehab.

Kris has stepped up her plate and made herself a reliable figure when it comes to Kourtney — though Kim is still her favorite daughter. Jenner is worried that Scott’s growing issues are reflecting on Kourtney who is expecting her third child to the alcoholic. 

With the passing of both parents last year, Scott has turned to alcohol to block out the depression he’s constantly feeling. And now with the arrival of another baby, Disick is frustrated how he’ll parent another child of his when he’s already struggling with two.

“Everyone knows Scott has a problem with alcohol, including himself,” RadarOnline reveals. “Kris has been researching rehab facilities that would be a good fit for Scott, and has narrowed it down to Sierra Tucson in Arizona. A bed could be ready for Scott with less than 48 hours of notice.”

Kris won’t put her foot down until Scott makes some vital changes — she won’t settle for anything other than rehab time for the troubled 31-year-old.

“He truly believes rehab isn’t the answer, and has talked about getting outpatient treatment. In his mind, Scott is strong enough to beat this on his own, and doesn’t need to go to rehab, so everyone is in a holding pattern.”

This isn’t the first time Scott has turned to alcohol to wash away his problems. When him and Kourtney used to argue about the smallest things, Scott would hit up the nearest nightclub and drink so much, he couldn’t even walk straight.

Of course Kardashians would know this because it was all documented for their reality show. Nevertheless, it’s sad that Scott is in denial that he has a problem and won’t seek help in rehab, but something tells me he’ll eventually do it for the sake of his three children, and Kourtney of course.

Written by Merema Leures

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