Oscar Pistorious Found NOT GUILTY of Premeditated Murder Charge!

oscar pistorious not guiltyOscar Pistorious has dodged jail time after being found not guilty of premeditated murder. The athlete, who shot and killed his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013, was acquitted of his most serious charge earlier this morning.

The trial, which had been going on for months, finally came to an end as judge Thokozile Masipa declared the verdict, siding with Oscar’s story who claims that on the night of his girlfriend’s death, he mistakenly thought she was a burglar who had climbed through their window and locked themselves in their toilet.

Of course I don’t want to side with either but I find it bizarre that Oscar got away with such a serious charge. For him to claim that a burglar would lock themselves in his toilet out while the lights were off, is enough to leave people questioning how genuine his story is coming across.

Official reports further add that Oscar could still be found guilty of “culpable homicide,” but with the verdict that came out earlier today, it’s likely that he’ll also be dodging those charges, meaning that he won’t be facing no jail time whatsoever.

But, with no jail time for the pro athlete comes a lot of backlash. Pistorious has already been dropped from all of his sponsorships and will most likely never be able to professionally take part in any athletic event — his career is finished.

I’m experiencing a feeling of deja vu in the sense that this case has some similarities to the one of O.J Simpson. There’s clear evidence that one is guilty of a charge, but the judge sees things otherwise. Are you devastated with the results of the trial or do you think Oscar is innocent?

Written by Merema Leures

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