Jaden Smith: “I Love Kylie Jenner”

Jaden Smith: “I Love Kylie Jenner”


jaden smith kylie jenner dating i love twitterJaden Smith has confirmed his relationship to Kylie Jenner thanks to a recent tweet he sent out to his followers that stated: “I Love Kylie Jenner.”

The two have been rumoured to be dating for the past fourteen months. Kylie spends a lot of time with Jaden and his sister  and eventually it caught on with the media who were convinced the teenagers were a pair. 

Well, they weren’t wrong because Jaden has proclaimed his love for the 17-year-old on Twitter last night. Nobody is surprised by this seeing that Jaden was the only “friend” Kylie was allowed to invite to Kim Kardashian’s wedding back in May.

Kendall had no friends at Kim’s wedding so it seemed odd why Kylie would be allowed to bring hers, unless Kim made the exception because he was Kylie’s boyfriend. That would make sense, right?

This is probably Kylie Jenner’s longest lasting relationship, having previously dated Aussie singer Cody Simpson for a couple of months back in 2011 when she was just fourteen.

The romance fizzled out quickly, but to think that Kylie may have been with Jaden for over a year and has managed to keep it so private, shows that she’s being careful in terms of not letting the media intrude.

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