Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing App Idea

Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing App Idea


lindsay lohan app stolenLindsay Lohan is known for stealing a variety of goods, such as jewelry and some fashionable clothing, but who would have known that the “Mean Girls” star would have stolen an app.

According to TMZ, Filma Potik, a former business partner who created an app called Spotted Friend, is suing Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Jr. for stealing the idea of the app.

Spotted Friend is an app that gives users the ability to view what celebrities have in their closets and purchase items similar to the star’s possessions. Celebrities would then have the opportunity to get a cut of the profits.

As TMZ reported, Lohan and Michael Jr. allegedly stole Potik’s idea, later creating their own ‘virtual closet’ app after the business partners parted ways for unknown reasons.

Lohan and her colleagues “launched a competing company and improperly took proprietary information and intellectual property from Spotted Friend to start the new business,” Business Standard stated.

The actress better expect to be taken to court if her app creation doesn’t stop, however it doesn’t appear that the 28-year-old will be stepping down any time soon.

Lohan’s lawyer, Mark J. Heller, has since stated that the allegations are false.

“Allegations of any impropriety in Lindsay Lohan’s business relationship concerning this Web site are inaccurate and clearly designed to capitalize on her worldwide recognition as a fashion icon.”

For Lohan’s sake, let’s hope the actress has proof that her new app invention was created by her and her colleagues.

Lohan doesn’t need another court date under her belt.

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