Usher Ready to Marry Girlfriend Grace Miguel?

usher grace miguel married

Usher is planning on marrying his longtime girlfriend, Grace Miguel, five years after his infamous divorce from Tameka Raymond.

The R&B singer has recently explained in an interview that he could definitely see himself marrying Grace in the near future, seeing that he has been with her for almost four years now. At some point, Grace is going to want to move their relationship to the next level, right?

“I’ve been even more excited about the idea of it. It could be the fact that I’ve spent the last year at everybody’s damn wedding, like I’ve become damn near the wedding singer, know what I mean?” Usher tells Extra TV.

Should Usher decided to marry Miguel, it would be his second marriage following the devastating breakdown of his first one to Tameka who Usher says was the “best mistake” he’s ever made in his life.


The 35-year-old feels that Tameka was a bad influence on him and that marrying her in the first place caused a lot of problems in his family, including his mother who allegedly neglected her son throughout the time he was married to the former celebrity stylist.

Grace was believed to have given Usher the courage to end things with Tameka back in 2009, but the drama really took off when Usher finally left. Tameka was reported to have verbally abused Grace and even dared herself to spit in her face.

Usher’s ex has since been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

At least he’s managed to find happiness again. But I still can’t get over the fact on Grace and how much she resembles Usher’s ex-girlfriend and singer, Alicia Keys.

Written by Merema Leures

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