Taylor Swift Invites Frat Boys To Her Next Concert — VIDEO

taylor swift shake it off frat boysIf she’s not writing about her latest breakup or throwing some major shade at another artist, Taylor Swift is inviting a whole group of frat of boys to one of her concerts.

Transylvania University’s Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity caught the eye of the 24-year-old pop star when their lib dub of “Shake it off” took YouTube and social media by storm.

Very impressed by the guys’ dance moves and lip-sync abilities, Taylor congratulated the fraternity for their awesome video, inviting the college students to one of her concerts.

‘I’m personally inviting all of these guys (and a date!) to a show on tour next year, it’s on me. Nailed it, bros!, Swift wrote on Twitter, linking the video on her account.

Ecstatic about the news, @the_dantheman took to Twitter, posting a screenshot of the Taylor’s invitation.
‘This is quite simply the best day of my life. #wemadeit.’

Michael Soder, another star of the hilarious video, as well shared his thoughts on Twitter, accepting his invitation to the concert.
“So … now all I need is a date to @taylorswift13’s concert,” Tweeted he stated.

According to one member of the now famous fraternity, the video took about two hours to create and
three takes to get it just right. ‘It’s kind of crazy for us how much it has blown up so far,” Skylar Stone told NBC affiliate LEX18.

So far, the creative video is close to hitting 3 million views.

Those Kentucky frat boys must be doing something right.

Written by Merema Leures

Hi, my name is Merema. If learning about pop culture was a degree I could've studied when I decided to take on a three-year course at college, I would've probably had the highest grades in my class. But instead, I settled for a BA in Film and a Master's in Filmmaking.

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