Ben Affleck And Bill Maher Debate Over Islam

ben affleck islam

ben affleck islamThere appears to be some bad blood between Ben Affleck and Bill Maher.

While appearing on Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday, the 42-year-old actor became furious after Bill Maher and his guest, author Sam Harris, put down Islam.

“You and I have been trying to make the case that liberals need to stand up for liberal principles,” Maher said to Harris.

“Freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion you want without fear of violence, freedom to leave a religion, equality for women, equality for minorities, including homosexuals, these are liberal principles that liberals applaud for,” Maher continued, “but then when you say in the Muslim world this is what’s lacking, then they get upset.”

“Islam at this moment is the motherload of bad ideas,” Harris later added.

This generalization didn’t sit well with Affleck, causing the Gone Girl actor to speak up.

“That’s an ugly thing to say,” Affleck responded.

“How about the more than a billion people, who aren’t fanatical, who don’t punish women, who just want to go to school, have some sandwiches, pray five times a day, and don’t do any of the things that you’re saying all Muslims do.”

Maher stepped in, disagreeing with Affleck’s views. “You’re saying that the idea that someone should be killed if they leave the Islamic religion is just a few bad apples?”

Maher later continued, stating that “It’s the only religion that acts like the mafia that will f–king kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book.”

“What is your solution?” Affleck asked.
“Just condemn Islam? We’ve killed more Muslims than they’ve killed us by an awful lot.”

The heated debate eventually calmed down, leaving many viewers to consider the viewpoints taken by both Maher and Affleck.

Written by Merema Leures

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