Jennifer Lopez Desperate for Ben Affleck Reunion: Hints Reunion Plans in Book?

jennifer lopez true love

Jennifer Lopez is making it seem like she may want her ex-fiance, Ben Affleck, back.

The singer-turned-author who is currently promoting her new book ‘True Love’, goes on to reveal some not-so-shocking things in the publication, admitting that Ben broke her heart when he decided to end the relationship and call off their engagement.


For Ben Affleck to dump Jennifer Lopez, he must’ve seen a huge flaw in her that he didn’t like.

Either way, one of the lines sees J-Lo explain: “It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest,” and fans believe she’s insinuating she may still have feelings for the Hollywood actor.

Had Ben never called off the engagement, she may have never met Marc Anthony and married him. Had Ben stuck through with the lead up to their big wedding day, Ben wouldn’t have gotten with Jennifer Garner.

How funny would it be if Jennifer Garner ended up getting with Marc though?

Jokes aside, it is interesting to know that Ben ditched Jennifer seeing that stories at the time of their split simply stated that the couple had decided to end their romance, which leaves us thinking it was a decision from both of them.

J-Lo fans were pleasantly surprised when the American Idol judge recently snapped a photo of herself watching ‘Gone Girl’ at a cinema, the same movie Affleck happens to star in.

Not too long ago, Ben admitted that he still keeps in contact with Lopez — they congratulate each other on whatever projects they have going on and are supposedly very supportive of one another. Though, it was clearly made that their conversations are only over the phone…

… which is funny because the tabloids have reported in recent months that Jennifer Garner would never allow Ben to meet-up with J-Lo in fear of a possible hook-up.

Do you think Ben Affleck regrets ending things with Jennifer?

Written by Merema Leures

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