Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Opting For Surrogate For Second Baby!

kim kardashian fat pregnant

Kim Kardashian has worked so hard to get her body back into the shape it was before she became pregnant with North West, she’s opting to have a baby through a surrogate mother.

According to new reports, the reality star is refusing to get pregnant again after having a not-so-fun experience the first time around. Kim was said to have struggled with the media mocking her weight gain and how she couldn’t fit into her famous designer clothes no more.

Poor thing.

And while she has always wanted North to have another sibling, she’s reportedly not willing to sacrifice her fit body for the sake of having another baby.

A source tells RadarOnline:

“It took so long to get her body back that she’s even told friends she might have someone else carry the baby the next time around!”

Kim was moaning all the time on how she couldn’t deal with her weight gain throughout her 9-month pregnancy, where it was clear that she’d probably never want to go through that experience again, though her sister Kourtney seems to be loving it. She’s already into her third pregnancy.

Nevertheless, there’s a huge sense that Kanye West wouldn’t allow his new baby to be from a surrogate mother — why would he want to opt for that when he can just have a baby with his wife. It’s not like she’s struggling for a baby, she’s just struggling to stop putting herself first before others.

If anything, Kim should be happy that she can even have children — in maybe ten years time, her body isn’t going to look the way it looks now anyway. And that’s when she’ll start regretting not having another baby.

Written by Merema Leures

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