Ariana Grande Confirms Nicki Minaj Collab / Is ‘The PinkPrint’ Album Turning Pop?

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Ariana Grande confirmed she’ll feature on Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming album ‘The PinkPrint’, while posting a photo of herself in a recording studio laying down some of those high hitting vocals.

Grande and Nicki have both enjoyed a long run of success in 2014 alone, landing multiple top ten Billboard hits and having also collaborated on one of the biggest songs of the year. ‘Bang Bang’.

So it would only make sense for them to finally work together on a project of their own, right?

Ariana was quick to gush about her excitement to work with Minaj again when she took to Instagram, writing:

“the work never ends!!! but i can’t complain at all. this is where I’m happiest. sangin for @nickiminaj in here tonight #pinkprint”

Grande’s caption was enough to get the fans talking — and not necessarily in a good way.

While Ariana’s featured effort on the album may be a positive thing in the sense that it’ll be more appealing to have the support of a powerhouse mainstream artist, Nicki is seemingly going against everything she’s said the album will be.

[highlight]Ariana changed the caption soon after (see below)[/highlight]

ariana grande pinkprint

Earlier this year, Nicki was very vocal on several things: the album would be limited to the amount of features it would have. So far we know Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Ariana Grande and Skylar Grey have all made the cut. That’s a lot if you ask me.

Nicki also stressed how the album wouldn’t be so much of a pop album, but it would be the PinkPrint of her status in music thus far, stressing fans will appreciate the hardcore rap songs, though we have yet to hear one.

Only was a weak effort in all honesty.

Anaconda, Pills N Potions, Bed of Lies are all drifted towards the mainstream pop audience as opposed to the Hip Hop demographic she solely focused on when she unveiled ‘Pink Friday’ back in 2010.

The album is shifting sides and this may all be down to the fact that albums aren’t selling like they used to four years ago when Nicki was able to shift 300k+ in her first week.

With J.Lo struggling to sell more than 70,000 in her first week while Mariah Carey shockingly stalled at 63,000 copies, Nicki may have rethought her plans on releasing a rap album in fear the sales wouldn’t be as strong as when she makes pop music with rap verses on them.

She may as well just call herself a pop star now.


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