Kanye West Retiring From Music to Pursue Career in Fashion?

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Kanye West is certain his career in fashion will eventually take off, hence why he has decided to step away from music completely.

The rapper supposedly has another collaborative record coming out in the next couple of months with the legendary Paul McCartney, but after he’s wrapped up the promotional work for it, he’s taking a break to focus on becoming a respectable fashionista.

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Of course you’re aware by now that Kanye has failed at fashion several times in the past, having openly admitted to splashing millions of dollars on clothing ideas that have all failed to impress the public and his fashion idols, including Anna Wintour.

Kanye has realised that he needs to take things one step at a time, which is why he’s solely going to focus on his new endorsed deal with Adidas.

Having left Nike for not getting paid enough, the GOOD MUSIC label owner will now be producing new sneakers for the sports company and see a drastic rise in royalties should the shoes become a success.

The only thing Kanye has been winning at — with the exception of music — has been his sneakers. The Nike Yeezys have supposedly become collectables, selling up to $1,000 a pair, but it’s believed that Kanye’s royalties were shockingly low.

With Adidas, he’s guaranteed $15million from the deal alone — the follow-up line with the Yeezys could presumably land him another $5 million annually. That’s A LOT!

PageSix confirms:

“After his next [collaboration] with Paul McCartney comes out, he’s going to step away from music and concentrate on clothing,” The sneakers West designed for Nike have become collectibles, selling for thousands of dollars, but West left Nike because he wasn’t making enough money.”

Clothing is still a passion of Kanye’s but he’s taking it slowly this time, an insider added. By early 2016, Kanye would’ve invested more time in re-launching his clothing line.

You would think that these people would slow down on their music career to focus on family life, but Kanye is on his grind which I can respect. Although it’ll be hard for North West to understand who Kanye is, when he’s constantly traveling.

Just last week he traveled to China to work on his new sneaker line while Kim was out in Dubai.

North, baby girl, just stick through it. You can do it. Just sixteen more years.

Sidenote: his absence from music in the last few month would explain why all his artists on his label are struggling on the Billboard chart.

Teyana Taylor (whose album is pretty dope) faced the struggle with extremely low first-week sales of her debut album under Kanye’s wing.

When Big Sean released his sophomore album a while ago, it flopped as well. I wonder if he’ll shut down the label when he completely retires, because I can’t see Big Sean do another 60k in his first week.

Awful, awful, awful.

Written by Merema Leures

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