Nick Cannon Fails Amber Rose Hook-up Lie Detector Test

nick cannon amber rose dating

Nick Cannon failed a lie detector test when asked on whether he had ever slept with Amber Rose.

Amber, who found fame after sleeping with Kanye West, has been a hot topic ever since she started seeing Nick. And when I see “seeing” I’m referring to… spending a lot of time together.

Right after Amber filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, she was always hanging out with Nick to the point where you would wonder if they were an item or not.

I HIGHLY doubt Nick has been single since splitting up from Mariah back in May. No way.

So when the actor/producer recently appeared on BBC Radio 1 Xtra, a supposed lie detector was set up to determine whether Nick Cannon was telling the truth to the questions that were being asked.

First, Nick had to confirm or deny whether he was still having sex with Mariah Carey, to which is responded to by saying ‘no’. The lie detector proved he was telling the truth.

However, the follow-up question on whether or not he had slept with Amber proved otherwise. Cannon starts to giggle in disbelief.

It’s arguable on whether or not the supposed lie detector was even real, but for the most part, Nick just needs to stop denying having not slept with Amber Rose.

I ask myself whether you would consider that an upgrade or a downgrade. I mean, Mariah is still looking great these days. Matter of fact, it’s not even debatable. Mariah over Amber any day.

Amber Rose seems more of the ‘woman’ you sleep with for the night before returning to your wife (Mariah). A one-night stand, I’d say.

Either way, just admit you hit it, and move on.


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