Meek Mill Being Released From Prison Today!

meek mill prison released

Meek Mill is expected to be released from prison later today, it has been confirmed via FOX 29.

News reporters for the station explain that the rapper, who violated his probation earlier this year which ended him in the sticky situation in the first place, is excited to be returning home following his six month sentencing back in July.

It’s believed that Meek’s team are already lining up dozens of club appearances following the rapper’s absence from the music scene.

There’s no doubt that he’ll feel some type of way on all the money he has lost because he was foolish enough to go against what the judge had instructed him to do.

[highlight]DON’T VIOLATE YOUR PROBATION![/highlight]

Meek’s prison sentence ended up being the cause of his sophomore album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ being pushed back until further notice.

Rick Ross confirmed last month that he wasn’t confident enough to release the album while his protege was in prison — it didn’t feel right.

We still have just under a month left of the year, and knowing that the album is already completed, don’t be shocked at a surprise release in the following weeks. Meek Mill may pull off a Beyonce.

So we can finally stop the #FreeMeekMill hashtags, right? I tried to grasp my head around the fact that people were saying Meek Mill should be freed when he clearly did something wrong, to the point where he deserved a punishment.

Regardless of what’s happened, Meek is out to today and he’s ready to make some money.

I’m looking forward to his follow-up album.


Written by Merema Leures

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