Rick Ross Expecting Child to Pregnant Girlfriend, Ming Lee?

ming lee rick ross dating

Rick Ross is reportedly expecting his first child to new girlfriend, Ming Lee.

According to reports, the couple who have yet to confirm their relationship, aren’t wasting anytime in the ‘starting a family’ department because sources reveal Rick Ross has gotten his girlfriend pregnant.

Ming Lee has been seen following Rick all over the country in recent weeks. There’s no denying at this point that they’re an item, but to know that he’s put a bun in the oven must mean the romance is really serious.

ming lee pregnant

The reason why I choose to say ‘really serious’ is simply for the fact that Rozay is known to have more than one woman by his side. He’s a natural flirt, I guess.

But… you know… when you impregnate a girl you’ve only been dating for no more than a month, then either you’re totally in love with her, or you chose to hit it raw and be foolish enough not to use protection.

And Ming looks like the type to tell Rick that she’s on birth control when she really isn’t, in hopes that she’ll get pregnant and trap the music mogul for the next eighteen years.

Heck, Amber Rose did it, Kim Kardashian did it. Why shouldn’t she?

According to SandraRose, Ming Lee owns a successful salon so there’s already a sense that she’s making a lil’ money on the side by herself. But nothing is going to compare to the cheques she’ll be receiving once the baby is born and she ditches Rick for good.

… unless he beats her to it.

In other news, Rick Ross’ new album ‘Hood Billionaire’ is worth buying!


Written by Merema Leures

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