Sean Penn, Charlize Theron Split Over Fears of Cheating?

charlize theron sean penn split breakup

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are close to breaking up as the actress begins to see that all the things that were said about Sean appear to be true.

Charlize heard it all in the beginning of her romance to Sean Penn. The actor is known as Hollywood’s bad boy, having famously dated many famous women including Madonna, and well, for being not the nicest person in the world.

Theron didn’t listen to the people around her, and now she’s kinda paying the price for it as OK! magazine shares the couple are having a rough patch in their relationship.

This “rough patch” is unfixable because Sean’s eyes are anywhere but on Charlize. The tabloids suggests Sean is getting bored of Charlize and playing the family man with her son — he wants out.

“He wants to roam the world and live day to day, while Charlize wants to settle down in L.A. and get married.”

It was reported earlier this year that Charlize Theron was really pushing for marriage with Sean Penn. No word on whether Sean had the same kind of interest, but knowing that he’s said to be over the relationship, it’s clear that marriage was never in his plans.

The two who shot their collaborative movie, The Last Face, together over the summer in South Africa, are said to be going through these hard times because of how inseparable they have been.

Sean hasn’t been able to breath and it has “put a huge strain on the relationship, things didn’t improve when they arrived back in L.A.”

Gutted to learn that their break-up is sorta a done deal. Charlize will be back on the hunt for a man to look after her son in no time though.

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