Nick Young Gay: Cheating on Iggy Azalea with Secret Male Lover?

nick young iggy azalea gay

Iggy Azalea’s boyfriend baller, Nick Young, is allegedly gay.

This according to the extremely unreliable MediaTakeOut. According to the web’s sources, Nick was spotted getting into his new car with a “zesty” looking male companion that the source is convinced is Nick’s secret lover.

While it’s unclear how they came up with this, the story further goes on to insinuate that Nick must’ve splashed thousands on his male companion who he took to Barney’s on that same day.

Oh and to make things worse — the two drove off in the car [highlight]that Iggy reportedly purchased for her beau[/highlight] as an early Christmas present. A vehicle Nick has supposedly been dying to get his hands on.

“IS IGGY AZAELIA’S Baller Boyfriend . . . GAY???? He And A MALE COMPANION . . . SASHE’D Into Barneys’ Together . . . Then DROVE OFF TOGETHER!!!,” the outlet writes, thinking that capital letters will convince its readers a little more.

“Iggy Azaelia’s boyfriend Nick Young was looking EXTRA ZESTY yesterday… he had a BROKE WIST – and was accompanied by a FLOWER WEARING HOMIE into Barney’s. Then the two men DROVE OFF together – in the car that IGGY JUST BOUGHT HIM…”

It’s interesting how Nick Young’s “zesty” looking friend can now mean someone is gay. It seems the website looked at Nick’s pal and decided to suddenly claim he was a homosexual.

Either way, Nick nor Iggy have responded to the claims, and quite frankly, they probably won’t during the Christmas holidays. Who would want to focus their attention on silly stories like these on such a festive season?

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