Ariana Grande Dumps Big Sean — ‘Catches Him Cheating’ with Multiple Women

ariana grande big sean split

After just months of dating, Ariana Grande has decided to end her relationship to Big Sean after seeing other women’s text messages in the rapper’s phone.

The singer was allegedly fuming when she went through her ex-boyfriend’s phone, only to find several women claiming they couldn’t wait to see him when he’s in town.

Sean denied ever seeing these girls in person, but the messages were enough for Ariana to call it quits on their romance, and decided to break things off completely.

She “officially ended her relationship with Big Sean after she recently caught him texting another woman,” Star magazine writes.

After demanding to see Sean’s phone, he “tried to play it off and swears he hasn’t hooked up with anyone since they became official, but Ariana was devastated.”

Sean has been trying to reach out to Grande since the argument and the shocking revelation on other women in his phone, but she “refuses to return his calls. She feels completely violated and has lost all trust in him… They’re done!”

Ariana Grande seems to be rushing into these relationships way too fast anyway. Wasn’t she dating the kid from ‘The Wanted’ just before this romance?

Nathan Sykes, right?

Well, maybe his chances on reconciling with her are likely now that she’s single again.

Something tells me Ariana doesn’t like being single and tends to find comfort in being in a relationship — just not one where she’s exposed to her boyfriend allegedly cheating on her.


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