Ciara To Confirm Russell Wilson Romance At White House Correspondent Dinner

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Just before her sixth studio album, Jackie, hits stores, Ciara has two secrets she’s been keeping from y’all.

CiCi has found herself a new man. His name is Russell Wilson, 26, most of you will know as the famous NFL player who keeps the Seahawks in check. We did a quick Instagram rundown to see if he’s anything like her ex-fiance, Future, and we can proudly say that the two share absolutely no similarities.

So what’s the second secret?

Well, followed with the fact that Ciara is seeing Russell Wilson, the ‘Goodies’ hit maker will be going public with her new man this upcoming Saturday at the White House Correspondents dinner.

You see, Russell and his Seahawks crew were invited to the dinner, and seeing that everybody is allowed to bring a plus one, it was only right for CiCi to be the leading lady following her man to such a publicised event, right?

Besides, the publicity should do her album sales some good.

The only wonderful thing that came out of Ci’s relationship to Future was that cute baby the twosome share. Other than that, we hope Ciara can finally settle down, be a wife, perhaps pop out a few more kids, and be with a man that loves her as much as she loves them.

Good luck, Ci.

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