Miley Cyrus Eating Disorder: Patrick Schwarzenegger Breakup Results in Anorexia?

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Miley Cyrus is reportedly battling an eating disorder as her weight continues to plunge, Life & Style is claiming. The tabloid magazine further alleges that the singer has lost 36lbs, bringing her to the skinniest she has ever been. It has sparked a conversation that she may be anorexic.

It is fairly evident that Cyrus has dropped a lot of weight in recent years.

Following the release of her hit 2013 album Bangerz, the 22-year-old embarked on a world tour that ended up being so successful, they decided to lengthen the concerts for dozens of additional shows. Every musician knows that touring is like heading to the gym every day with heavy choreography and strict dieting plans, so it is fairly likely that a significant amount of weight loss came from performing onstage.

cyrusHowever, sources state otherwise. The tour wrapped almost a year ago, and during that time, Miley ended up falling in love with Patrick Schwarzenegger. The two are said to have split up earlier this year following reports claiming that Arnold’s son had cheated on Cyrus with his ex-girlfriend.

Since their breakup, the 22-year-old is said to have struggled with the supposed fact that she was cheated on, seeing that she saw herself marrying the socialite one day. Clearly those plans have now fallen through, and insiders say that is one of the main reasons why Miley hasn’t been eating properly. It is almost as if she is punishing herself for the split — in the worst way possible.

Her family is convinced that the sudden weight drop is simply down to lots of exercise and healthy eating, but not everybody is so convinced. Judging by recent Instagram photos that Miley has posted online, she has not really showed any signs that sh is struggling with health issues, but then again, those who are physically hurting themselves are the best at hiding their pain and suffering.

Nobody would have thought that Demi Lovato was smuggling cocaine on airplanes while battling an eating disorder that led to cutting her wrists. It wasn’t until the former Disney Channel star checked into rehab and admitted to her problems that people finally realized what was going on.

Hopefully nothing similar will happen with Miley Cyrus. She is said to be staying in her very own Calabasas mansion by herself, so who knows what happens in that home.

Written by Merema Leures

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