Bobbi Kristina Brown Life-Support Shut Off, Taken Home For Final Resting Days

bobbi kristina brown

bobbi kristina brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown will spend her final days at home before her life-support machine is switched off, it has been reported.

The 22-year-old, who was found unconscious at her Atlanta home, has showed little to no signs that her condition has improved over the course of four months. Despite an endless amount of attempts to bring Bobbi back, the socialite is said to have no improvements that would show family and friends she may still be able to recover.

Kristina Brown had been transferred from an Atlanta hospital to a rehab facility as doctors explained to the family that they had done all they could, painfully adding that chances of Bobbi making a full recovery were very, very low. Still, her father Bobby Brown was convinced that a miracle could bring his daughter back to life, vowing to keep her on life support until she is back to herself.

However, with four months having gone by since Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to a nearby hospital, her family have realised that their beloved relative will not pull through on this one. Therefore, sources say that the Browns and the Houstons have come together to set plans for Bobbi’s final days at home — it is unclear as to which family home the 22-year-old will be staying at, but she is definitely being removed from the rehab.

Bobby wants to celebrate his daughter’s life before he says his final goodbyes, it was revealed. Having all of her family members together in the room before her life machine is switched off has been considered his best way of saying farewell just three years after the death of ex-wife, Whitney Houston. The singing icon died after having mixed several drug substances with alcohol — a friend found her dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Of course Bobbi’s situation isn’t quite different, seeing that Whitney’s daughter was also discovered in a bathtub after falling unconscious to what sources have said was drug-related.

No word on when the family will bring Bobbi Kristina Brown home, but it is more than likely going to happen sometime this month. One insider even stressed at how bad the Houstons have felt for keeping Bobbi on life support, desperately wanting to let her rest in peace. It looks like that time has finally come.

Our condolences go out to the family.


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