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Caitlyn Jenner: Paid $5 Million For ‘I Am Cait’ Docu-Series By E!

caitlyn jenner

caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner was paid a whopping $5 million for her upcoming reality program I Am Cait, set to focus on the former athlete’s life following his infamous sex change.

Jenner has made headlines all over the place following his controversial Vanity Fair cover, but according to reports, that cover is what has made Caitlyn become the star that she is today. E! had only hoped to spend up to $2 million to document Jenner’s new life, but after the latest VF issue was released, that price reportedly skyrocketed.

“It’s the biggest paycheck ever given by E! for a solo reality show, and Caitlyn’s agent was relentless in getting her the huge payday,” a source revealed. The insider added that an extra $3 million were added on to the reality show deal following the enormous interest and discussion that Caitlyn Jenner’s new look had made all around the world.

$5million may seem like it’s a lot, but not to Jenner who has reportedly spent $4million to get his ideal feminine looks he now possesses. From lip fillers to botox, a boob job and, of course, the private area reassignment. It appears that E! has footed the bill for Caitlyn while the additional $1 million could quite honestly just be considered as a bonus.

It is no secret that E! has never made offers like these before. $5 million for a series with less than ten episodes sounds bizarre, but the network is hoping that by the time the reality show airs, people will still be as interested when they saw the Vanity Fair cover. Should ratings be a success, production for a second series will be in immediate effect, a source added.

From what has been gathered, the Kardashians are not being filmed for Caitlyn’s show — it’s all about her for once. So if you had expected a lot of vocal fry nonsense, you will most certainly not find it on this show.


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