Lebron James Flashes Penis During NBA Finals — WATCH

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Lebron James accidentally flashed his penis during last night’s NBA Finals. In what appears to have been an oblivious sight to the cameraman filming directly at him, the athlete readjusted his shorts, only to then see that ABC cameras were rolling as he exposed his private area.

Judging by Lebron’s face, he was definitely aware of it afterwards but didn’t make a scene of it. Having scored an impressive 123 points in the first three games of the championship, James has made history as the most points scored in three consecutive games. However, with his Oops! moment last night, that attention may now be diverted elsewhere.

It did not take long for Twitter to react to what they had just seen on their television screens, as one user writes: “Now that we’ve all seen it, LeBron should let his penis sit on his lap during the post-game press conference.” Another commented, “What do Cleveland’s weaknesses and Lebron’s penis have in common? They were both exposed on national TV tonight.

ABC has yet to comment on the situation. Needless to say that there is nothing they should say, seeing that the camera just happened to have been on James during the brief moment he was readjusting his pants. If anything, one could say that Lebron is at fault for not recognizing several cameras were filming him — although, when you are as focused as Lebron, the last thing you worry about is where the cameras are at.

Several outlets have compared Lebron James flashing his penis to the infamous moment Janet Jackson exposed her nipple during the Justin Timberlake Super Bowl set in 2004. Then again, one person flashed their bits on purpose while the others unintentionally made the mistake by fixing up his shorts in the midst of several cameras in his way.

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