Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Divorce: Cheating Claims Driving Couple to Nasty Custody Battle?

jennifer garner

jennifer garner

Jennifer Garner is convinced that Ben Affleck has cheated on her during their ten-year marriage, which is one of the main reasons why the couple has chosen to reportedly separate and divorce.

Outlets have claimed that the Hollywood duo have done nothing but argue with one another. Having only found minimal time to be alone together due to their hectic work schedules, Ben and Jennifer are consistently bickering and fighting. Earlier this year, it was believed that Garner was furious when she found out Ben had started gambling again, having spent tens of thousands of dollars last summer on his supposed addiction.

Affleck’s gambling addiction is not the only thing that has drove Jennifer Garner to insanity. The actress is certain that her husband has cheated on her, and while she has no prove of there ever being another woman, Jen argues that she knows her man too well. After all, she’s been with him for over ten years.

A source reveals to Star magazine, “Jen is terrified that hookers, cocktail waitresses, and party girls are going to come out of the woodwork and claimed to have hooked up with Ben. She has never busted him for cheating, but she is no fool. There has been buzz about it for years, and she has no idea what he is up to half of the time.”

Ben Affleck has been linked to several women over the last few years. Most famously, his Gone Girl co-star, Emily Ratajkowski, who the Oscar award-winning actor shared a nude sex scene with. Tabloids had claimed at the time that Ben and Emily had gotten so close that it was beginning to make Jennifer uncomfortable — she never caught the two doing anything appropriate but Garner believes there may have been something going on between them.

Ben never gave into the allegations his wife was holding against him, having strictly told her that he never cheated on her. Jennifer Garner still wouldn’t believe it, a source stated, adding that Ben would go on the road to film his movies for months at a time. When he came home, there was rarely any love or affection for his wife — that is believed to be one of the key reasons why Jen has started to accuse her husband of cheating as of late.

Whatever the case, Ben and Jennifer prep for their alleged divorce, the couple has decided not to make a public announcement for the sake of their three kids who are going to hurt from their parents’ split the most. With friends having expressed themselves, saying they were shocked to see the duo having lasted this long, it seems that the marriage has run its course.

It is believed that if the couple fails to reach an agreement regarding their children’s upbringing, Jennifer Garner will most likely put up a fight for full custody. Her only reason in doing so is that her alleged soon-to-be ex-husband is constantly out of town shooting multiple movies at once. He wouldn’t have time for the kids. Furthermore, Jennifer has fully embraced motherhood since her firstborn, having famously slowed down on her acting career so that she can be the best mother possible. Ben has no chance.

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