Kendall Jenner to Breakup Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Wants Hailey Baldwin As Singer’s New Girlfriend

kendall jenner

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner is destined to prevent Selena Gomez from reconciling with Justin Bieber, hoping that if she intervenes in their relationship, Justin will end up with Hailey Baldwin instead.

The report comes just weeks after it was alleged that Jenner and Selena were on bad terms again. Their friendship is seen numerous ups and downs, but this is said to be its worst one yet as Kendall has gone out of her way to ruin Gomez’s relationship to Justin Bieber completely.

An insider described how the aspiring model was heard calling Selena Gomez “pathetic” for consistently running back and forth to Bieber. Kendall feels that the former Disney Channel star is playing with Justin’s feelings for constantly dumping him when things may not be going her way. Then she ends up dating somebody new only to then reunite with Justin.

The 19-year-old is convinced that her best friend would make a much better girlfriend. Both Hailey and Justin spent a lot of time together following the singer’s breakup to Selena last year, and it is a given fact that the model made herself available to Justin as much as she could — but in a friendly way. Their friendship never led to anything more than, but Kendall thinks that Hailey is the right one for the Biebs, adding that Selena is the past.

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet on whether Selena and Justin are dating again, the duo was spotted with a couple of friends in Los Angeles just last month. With the way things are going, Jelena could potentially become an item again. That is unless Kendall gets her way and has the former couple drift apart.

Fans have since reacted to the news and the reaction has been mixed. While some have called Kendall extremely bitter and jealous, others believe that she’s doing the right thing seeing that Selena would only end up dumping Justin and break his heart again. Regardless of whether Justin is a good boyfriend or not, at this given point she should know whether she wants to be with him or not, and that seems to be Kendall’s main point.

Written by Merema Leures

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