Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Reconcile: Garner Divorce Blamed On ‘Benniffer’?



Ben Affleck could potentially reconcile with Jennifer Lopez following his divorce from Jennifer Garner, it has been revealed. As previously reported, Ben and Jennifer have kept in touch over the years — Affleck famously said in an interview with GQ last year that he most certainly still calls J.Lo from time to time to congratulate her on work offerings.

That interview alone had many fans believe that Ben was definitely not just calling in to congratulate his ex-fiancee on new projects, he presumably also wanted to know whether she was still single or not. At least this is what fans have stressed over social media.

The Hollywood duo ended their romance twelve years ago as Affleck claimed he wasn’t ready to wed Lopez. It was the actor who reportedly dumped Jennifer, admitting later on in life that he felt terrible for how he treated the pop star, who was devastated by the shocking announcement her fiance no longer wanted to move forward with the wedding plans.

But following his recent divorce filing from Jennifer Garner, one day after their tenth anniversary, Ben is allegedly interested in rekindling his romance to Lopez, hoping to make right for what he did wrong over a decade ago. Affleck will take baby steps in making this happen, but he wants to find happiness again and for what it’s worth, another shot at love with J.Lo may not be such a bad idea.

News outlets add that Ben is in a total different mindset; he’s much older and wiser to understand that though he was not ready for marriage, he loved Jennifer Lopez more than any previous girlfriend he has had. Their split was so untimely and devastating on both ends that their happy ending could still take place.

It’s all down to whether Jennifer is still interested or not. It is believed that the American Idol judge is still single, giving Ben the perfect opportunity to make his first move.

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