Kylie Jenner Sex Tape: Tyga Desperate to Sign $10Million Adult Video Deal?


Kylie Jenner has been bombarded with offers to star in her very own sex tape, and according to reports, her boyfriend, Tyga, is pushing the 18-year-old to accept one of her many deals. Jenner, who turned 18 just over a week ago, is overwhelmed with all the companies that have come running her way, hoping that she would give them an exclusive look of her completely nude, as weird as it sounds.

Playboy has been calling, Vivid, among many others. In fact, it is believed that Kylie even received an offer from an another adult entertainment company, willing to pay the socialite $10million if she was to film her own tape and give them the exclusive publishing rights to it. The deal would see Kylie Jenner receive lifetime earnings from the profits of each sale just like sister Kim, who is still making up to $100,000 a year from her ageing adult tape with Ray J.

Here’s what’s currently being reported. Tyga is very open-minded, and sees no reason why him and his girlfriend should turn down such an amazing deal, it has been alleged. Kylie is already showing off her assets all over Instagram and Twitter, so she may as well go along with the tape idea and receive a hefty check for it, right? Well, at least that’s what Tyga thinks.

“No disrespect to Kim and Ray J. Tyga‘s seen that tape and thought it was awful,” one insider affirmed. “Just boring and dry and non exciting. He would rather watch ants have sex under a microscope than to see those two go at it!”

The couple, who have been secretly dating for the past year, have to decline or accept any of the offers that have come their way, but sources say that the nude photo shoots that have been pitched to Kylie, could most definitely be in the works. “Kylie thinks she has an amazing body — close to what Kim’s looks like, and with all the attention surrounding her right now, she would love to show the world what she’s working with,” a source close to the situation continued.

If she is so comfortable being naked in front of the camera, there is no denying that the tape is a possibility. Should this end up being the case that Kylie Jenner and Tyga decide to pull through wit the idea, it would make the 18-year-old the highest-paid celebrity to sign off on publishing rights for an adult tape, way above Kim, who only received $5million for the deal along with backend earnings.

Written by Merema Leures

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