Bobbi Kristina Brown Charity Fund: Pat Houston Stealing All The Money?


Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death has seen thousands of fans donate money to the Pat Houston charity organization, famously opened following Brown’s hospitalisation back in January. According to reports, Pat’s charity has raised tens of thousands of dollars in recent months, but nobody actually knows where the money will be going.

Many reports are convinced that Pat opened the charity in hopes that she can profit from the death of a family relative, seeing that she was not going to receive anything from Bobbi’s $20million inheritance money, which is now believed to be transferred over to Cissy Houston, the grandmother of the 22-year-old deceased TV-star. Or better yet, the mother to the late Whitney Houston.

While nobody would want to think that family members could be that cruel and open a charity in the deceased person’s name, only to then take all the money, one should not forget that this is the same family who allegedly leaked the deathbed photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown for $100,000. The National Enquirer received the photos from a certain person of the Houstons, it had been alleged, which shows Krissy hooked up on life-support.

But, putting the deathbed photos aside, where is all the money from the charity funds going? It has been almost three weeks since Bobbi Kristina Brown died and nobody knows what Pat Houston even plans on doing with the money. Will it be used to help other people struggling with an addiction, or will it be used to help teenagers in need of guidance and support?

Well, maybe people aren’t that far off to think that Pat Houston would take the money for herself, and quietly distance herself from the media, hoping that nobody ever figures out what she has done. Of course everything is alleged at this point, but knowing what has transpired in recent months regarding Bobbi Kristina, the deathbed photos, the arguments over her inheritance and more, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that Pat has cashed in on the money for herself.

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Written by Merema Leures

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