Beyonce ‘Vogue’ Cover: Mental Health Issues Blamed for No Interview in Magazine


Beyonce is causing headlines once again, but just as every other story that is usually written about the songstress, it isn’t necessarily a positive one. This time, the 34-year-old is allegedly facing mental health issues, which is supposedly the main reason she did not partake in an interview with Vogue magazine.

Bey, who is currently the September’s cover girl for the magazine, left a lot of fans puzzled to the fact that she is gracing the mag’s cover, but she reportedly refused to give an interview. It’s strange for many different reasons: you usually don’t land a cover without saying something to the editors of whatever company that wants to have you as the face of that issue.


Furthermore, many reports are claiming that the singer has battled mental health issues in the past and has therefore denied Vogue’s chances of catching her for an interview. Several sources are basing their story on a video from last year, which saw Beyonce talking to herself as she watched a basketball game with husband, Jay-Z. The Drunk in Love musician was seen nodding her head and mouthing to herself as the game went on, and even then, many of her fans found the video clip bizarre and strange.

So how does this link with the story that Beyonce refused to sit down for an interview with Vogue? Well, according to other webloids, their assumption is that Bey’s mental health condition might have worsened to the point where her team ditched a scheduled interview at the last minute. This would make sense because the magazine might have already shot the photos with the 34-year-old and hoped for an interview in weeks to come, only to then learn that she’s unavailable.

Obviously with those reasons in hand, they might have not had time to then get another celebrity to cover their September issue. And one should note that Beyonce does usually give interviews for the magazine, so everything just seems very strange — her fans are the ones who are most confused.

Why buy the issue just to look at pictures of their idol when they are printed online anyway. Or better yet, why buy the issue at all? The entire thing will be posted on blogs in days to come regardless. Either way, people are worried and concerned for Beyonce’s well-being, and in no way am I saying that there is anything wrong with Bey, but it does make one question what is the truth behind the matter.

Written by Merema Leures

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