Dr. Dre’s Women Abusing Past — Why Did He Wait 25 Years to Apologize?

dr. dre

While Dr. Dre continues to enjoy a successful stint in the movie industry with the release of Straight Outta Compton, the film has brought up a lot of dark and devastating moments from the rapper’s past. While it is not so secret that Dre, real name Andre Young, has an abusive past, nobody really knew to what extent it was until several women came out confessing how they were brutally abused by the ageing music producer.

Journalist Denise ‘Dee’ Barnes and ex-girlfriend Michel’le were just two of the handful of women that caught themselves in the drama of Young, who has openly admitted to having had a very short temper during his N.W.A days, following his rise to fame. The 50-year-old reportedly ran up on Denise at a public bathroom inside a nightclub, only to beat her, throw her against the wall and choke her so hard that she was convinced she was going to die that night in 1991.

dr. dre

It wasn’t any different with songstress Michel’le, who has often hashed up the past by recalling the times Young would drag her hair and physically abuse her so much, she most certainly didn’t think she was going to get out of the relationship alive. And that’s despite the fact that the couple were gearing up to welcome their first child together. The singer-turned-reality star admitted in a recent interview with VLADTV that she has not remained in contact with her ex-boyfriend, but affirms that Dre is very close to their son.

Many of these incidents took place in the early-mid ‘90s, which makes one question why the rapper has waited this long to finally apologize. He tells the New York Times, “Twenty-five years ago I was a young man drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life. However, none of this is an excuse for what I did.”

Many outlets, including fans, are convinced that the whole apology press tour is a publicity stunt to not only promote S.O.C, but to also dismiss the stories once and for all, because one shouldn’t forget that this is Dr. Dre’s first public apology to these women. He is not just accused of backhanding a woman here or there, he has long been held responsible for allegedly stomping on women’s heads, beating them against concrete, and verbally abusing them without any remorse.

Others speculate that, due to his billion dollar deal with Apple — as he is still affiliated with the beats by Dre headphone line — Dre would have wanted to clear his name in hopes that it does not end up jeopardizing his growing empire. In other words, he’s apologizing so that people will forgive his actions and continue buying his products.

It is bizarre to think that Chris Brown’s beating on Rihanna is still a hot topic to this day, but a man who abused women to the point where they began fearing death is inexcusable. There’s no apology — and certainly no excuse — that can help these women forget (and maybe even forgive) the time they thought Young was going to kill them because of his controlling behavior. Quite sickening.

Written by Merema Leures

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