Rob Kardashian to Sponsor Subway Post-Diabetes Hospitalization?

rob kardashian weight gain

Rob Kardashian is allegedly said to be in talks to become Subway’s latest spokesperson, it has been reported.

The troubled reality star, who has been battling with his ongoing weight battle since 2012, would make a perfect candidate to sponsor the company, a source reveals, stressing that Subway wants to help Rob get healthy again.

“Subway has been having discussions and would like to see if working with Rob would be a fit to not only help get him healthy but possibly have him become the next weight loss success story,” one insider close to the situation revealed.

Considering the fact that Rob has been hiding from family and friends for almost four years just goes to show how much he’s struggling with his eating problems. Doctors that have appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians believe it’s much deeper than just having no control over an eating habit; they think he suffers from depression on top of that.

The news that Subway is hoping to make Rob Kardashian their latest sponsor comes just days after the Arthur George sock designer was hospitalised, where he went on to learn that he is suffering from diabetes. Doctors at the L.A hospital that Rob was taken to had told him that if he doesn’t change his lifestyle, his diabetes will get the better of him, and he will face an untimely death.

While sponsoring another company as of right now may not be the best idea, one has to consider the supposed fact that the offer would see Rob sponsoring Subway’s healthy meals. In other words, it’s like a Weight Watchers deal where a famous celebrity loses weight through the meals that are provided by the company.

Subway has yet to comment on the supposed offer they’ve placed on the table for Rob to consider.

Written by Merema Leures

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