Taylor Swift ‘Feels Betrayed’ Over Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles Romance

kendall jenner taylor swift feud

Taylor Swift is saddened over the supposed fact that her pal, Kendall Jenner, is now seeing Harry Styles.

Swift, who briefly dated the One Direction member, is giving the impression that she feels betrayed by Kendall, seeing that the twosome had become close over the last couple of months.

With Kendall and Taylor having the same mutual friends, they have crossed paths on numerous occasions, which has eventually led people to believe that they were pals themselves. And considering that they have openly posed for pictures in the past, there was definitely some sort of friendship between them.

But with recent photos showing Kendall and Harry in St. Barths, casually enjoying their Christmas holiday on a luxurious yacht with dozens of photographers in sight, Swift may look at the situation as if Jenner is taking a dig at her.

At the same time, it can be argued that when Gigi Hadid was seeing Taylor’s ex, Joe Jonas, there wasn’t any sort of conflict between their friendship. So why would there be one with Kendall Jenner?

Another insider mentions the obvious fact that Kendall is part of the Kardashian family, who are notoriously known for exploiting their exes to the media, as seen with Kris Humphries.

Furthermore, Taylor has never openly said that she and the full-time model were a close as she happens to be with the likes of Gigi or Selena Gomez, which quite frankly gives her every right to consider the idea that Kendall dating Harry Styles is a spiteful move.

The Shake It Off singer is currently seeing Calvin Harris, so reports that she still cares or has feelings for Styles are certainly untrue. But whether she will still consider hanging out with Kendall now that she is said to be in a relationship with one of her exes is yet to be determined, although ti doesn’t seem likely.

Written by Kandi Katrone

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