Kylie Jenner Allegedly Caught in Cocaine Scandal With BFF Jordyn Woods

kylie jenner jordyn woods drug scandal

Kylie Jenner is caught up in what appears to be a drug scandal; cocaine, to be specific.

Several webloids are alleging that Jenner and her best pal, Jordyn Woods, exposed themselves when the 18-year-old reality star took a video of Woods dancing at a ‘club,’ the source claims.

Do note that neither of these girls is 21 yet, so the idea that they were partying at a club already seems questionable in itself. A house party is more likely.

What Kylie supposedly didn’t take into consideration was the powder substance that appeared on Woods’ dress, closer to her bottom side, which many outlets say is cocaine. It should be noted that there’s no actual evidence in it being cocaine, apart from the fact that the substance is white.

Perhaps Jordyn was applying some makeup powder to her face before hitting the dance floor, evidently leaving some of the product to land on wherever she was sitting.

After the video made its way onto Kylie Jenner’s official Snapchat, fans were outraged that Kylie would surround herself with people that are taking drugs.

“Kylie is going to be like Lindsey Lohan,” one angry fan wrote on social media, while another saw a funnier side to the story, writing: “That’s a lot of powder to be wastin… Back when I was snortin that ish, I would have slapped her silly for sitting on my bump. js”

Jenner has yet to respond to claims she was involved in a so-called drug scandal, but it’s absurd to think that Kylie Jenner would post a video of her friend covered in cocaine on her own Snapchat account.

Written by Merema Leures

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