Lil Kim Skin Bleaching Claims: Rapper Shocks Fans With New Plastic Surgery Photos

lil kim

Lil Kim is making headlines after posting up photos of herself with a relatively lighter complexion, leading fans to believe she has bleached her skin.

Kim, full name Kimberly Jones, has been the topic of discussion when it comes to plastic surgery for years. And what had initially started with a nose job has now turned into a series of events where her appearance drastically changes by the month.

Earlier today (8th Jan), Kim snapped a photo of herself promoting a detox company’s products, which she claims is supposed to make your tummy flat. It’s ironic since Kim doesn’t actually display her own “flat stomach,” but happily promotes this product to her millions of her fans regardless.

Whatever the situation may be on that, Lil Kim’s complexion is so pale, fans have shared their concerns, saying she should easily pass for a ‘white’ woman.

One fan stated that there was nothing in that photo that showed any kind of African-American roots in the rapper, whose claim to fame all started back as Notorious B.I.G’s protege.

From what sources have alleged as of late, Kim is believed to have undergone several procedures to “fix” her nose, cheekbone implants are are likely, while the ratio of her bum has drastically increased. There’s no doubt about that.

lil kim

This, along with an alleged liposuction, lip fillers, eyebrow lift, occasional botox, and the supposed skin bleaching sessions, it is clear that this has become an obsession more than anything else.

In reference to her first nose job, Kim openly confessed she was in an abusive relationship for several years with a Brooklyn convict named Damion ‘World’ Hardy. He was found guilty of ordering six murders during his time as the leader of an infamous gang in New York.

Many have shared their opinion on the matter, convinced that after she left Damion, she left the relationship with low self-esteem, and with the work she already had done, it became an addiction after that.

Lil Kim claims to be happy in her new body while her skin complexion continues to lighten with every new photo she posts on social media.

So incredibly upsetting. I love her entire discography.

Written by Kandi Katrone

Heya. My name is Kandi and I'm usually the one spilling all the tea, whether it's just gossip or confirmed reports. The tea always tastes better hot, so if you're looking to drink it cold, you won't find it from my posts.

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